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"On December 18, 2007, I turned 80. The thought that has haunted me ever since is, 'Now I am REALLY old.'"

1945-54 My Draft Board and Me.pdf
"What follows describes my nine-year 'Herculean' struggle with my draft board to avoid the draft."

"It was 9:55 AM on Thursday August 14, 2008, and I had just returned from saying goodbye to my 1999 Toyota Camry."

1930s - today GAMBLING.pdf
"When we were kids, we were always gambling."

"Imagine my surprise when I picked up the paper some time ago to learn that Jacob is the most popular boy’s name in the U.S."

Music in My Life.pdf
"For some people, their lives would be empty and unfulfilled without music."

"This may be a bit premature, but I am writing this as the introduction to the section of my memoirs containing the scores of poems I have written over the years. "

My Mother’s Story_1.pdf
"Ever since my mother died, I have been thinking about, and telling people, what a remarkable woman my mother was."

1947( )-1971  SMOKING.pdf
"It is 36 years, 10 months and 5 days since I stopped smoking."

1946 From Door to Door or From.pdf
"An article titled 'Door to Door Deception' in the October 2007 AARP Bulletin caught my eye and brought back a memory I had almost totally forgotten."
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