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My Life.pdf
"Looking back on my life (as I have been doing most of my life) I began to see it as a tower. "

Looking for Answers 2.pdf
Alternate version of "Looking for Answers" (2009)

Looking for Answers.pdf
"I have been looking for answers my entire life."

Job Hunting .pdf
"Our memory can really play tricks on us."

As I continue to write about my life.pdf
"As I continue to write about my life, I realize I have been rather selective about the time periods and experiences I choose to discuss."

"There is a spiritual which begins, 'Woke up this morning with my mind on freedom.' Well, I woke up this morning with my mind on the fact that this would have been our 56th wedding anniversary if Sylvia and I were still married."

2006 Memoirs 7.pdf
"When you write your memoirs, you write what you remember, but as the years go by, I feel I am remembering less and less."

If History is His Story.pdf
"If History is HIS story, then Memoirs is ME, MOI, with the emphasis on ME."
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