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A Roof Over Your Head.pdf
"I have been thinking about all the places I have lived over my 81 years."

A Letter to the Editor.pdf
"Getting a Letter to the Editor printed in the NY Times is a minor miracle."

2004-9Cousin Robert.pdf
"For years, during the '80s and '90s, while watching television, I would see the name Robert Schlitt among the writing credits."

"In 2009 it will be 60 years since I graduated from City College. Over these six decades, I have bored countless friends and family expressing my debt to my college..."

1946 From Door to Door or From.pdf
"An article titled 'Door to Door Deception' in the October 2007 AARP Bulletin caught my eye and brought back a memory I had almost totally forgotten."

1942-5 A Page in the NYPL Newspa.pdf
"In September 1942, I entered Stuyvesant High School, and since Stuyvesant ran on a split session, it meant I could easily hold down a part-time job."

1930s-70s Ethnicity.pdf
"I always liked the line from Moliere’s Bourgois Gentilhomme (?) where he discovers that he is speaking prose. This came to mind as David is working on a paper about Jews and blacks and Italians in New York and other urban centers. What David is…
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