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1942-5 A Page in the NYPL Newspa.pdf
"In September 1942, I entered Stuyvesant High School, and since Stuyvesant ran on a split session, it meant I could easily hold down a part-time job."

1946 From Door to Door or From.pdf
"An article titled 'Door to Door Deception' in the October 2007 AARP Bulletin caught my eye and brought back a memory I had almost totally forgotten."

A Letter to the Editor.pdf
"Getting a Letter to the Editor printed in the NY Times is a minor miracle."

A Marriage of Twenty Years.pdf
"Some time ago, I wrote about my courtship of, and marriage to Sylvia."

A Roof Over Your Head.pdf
"I have been thinking about all the places I have lived over my 81 years."

A&P doc.pdf
"I have a new routine. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, I take the T to Boylston Street and walk over to Tufts Medical School to take part in a study."

"Growing up, I was aware that different people spoke differently."

"In 2009 it will be 60 years since I graduated from City College. Over these six decades, I have bored countless friends and family expressing my debt to my college..."

2004-9Cousin Robert.pdf
"For years, during the '80s and '90s, while watching television, I would see the name Robert Schlitt among the writing credits."

Dressing Up.pdf
"By the time I entered high school, I knew there were occasions when one 'dressed up'..."
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