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"Along with everyone else, I grew up in a home filled with furniture."

A Young Person's View of the Class Struggle.pdf
"From my earliest days, I was convinced that we were caught up in the class struggle."

Getting a Bargain.pdf
"I may have written about this before. It is a subject that is constantly in my thoughts."

My Mother’s Story_1.pdf
"Ever since my mother died, I have been thinking about, and telling people, what a remarkable woman my mother was."

1945 The New York State Regent.pdf
"As we were approaching our last semester at Stuyvesant High School in the spring of 1945, the New York State Board of Regents announced a new way of awarding the 300 scholarships that were given to the 300 smartest high school graduates in the…

Being poor.pdf
"Being poor isn't so bad when most of the people around you are poor."
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