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Eating Out.pdf
"Those of us who are 'children of the depression', when we heard the expression 'eating out', assumed it meant taking a sandwich somewhere."

"For most of us, our first attempts at creative writing were in elementary school."

1941, 44, 50 TWO BEAS—NOT TO BE.pdf
"As I look back over my life, especially my love life, I remember two young women named Bea who played short but memorable parts in my early life."

Otto Eckstein.pdf
"It was a slow morning at the Field Services Division of the US Commission on Civil Rights. "

1945 The New York State Regent.pdf
"As we were approaching our last semester at Stuyvesant High School in the spring of 1945, the New York State Board of Regents announced a new way of awarding the 300 scholarships that were given to the 300 smartest high school graduates in the…

1942-5 A Page in the NYPL Newspa.pdf
"In September 1942, I entered Stuyvesant High School, and since Stuyvesant ran on a split session, it meant I could easily hold down a part-time job."

1942 Entering the World of Work.pdf
"As soon as school ended in June of 1942, I started to look for a summer job."
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