Confessing Confusion



Confessing Confusion


Jacob Schlitt


"There are terms I never seem to be able to get right."













There are terms I never seem to be able to get right. For years, I have been confused about the terms file and folder as it applies to computers. I can’t remember if a file goes into a folder or vice versa. I have a two drawer file cabinet next to my desk. And a four drawer file cabinet in the hall, and I put folders in them. Actually, I refer to the light cardboard 9 x 11 ¾ inch folded jobs that I put paper into as a file folder. And I have lots of them. Most of them are “third cut.” They have a projection at the top on which you can put labels.

The computer has a string of words at the top right after the apple: When I am writing, the first word is word. I guess that is because I am using Microsoft Word. That is followed by File. Aha! When I click on File, the first thing I get is “New Blank Document.” And when I click on New Blank Document, a new blank page appears, and I begin to write. When I finish writing, I tend to put it on my “Desk Top” and magically it appears there, looking like a page with the top right hand corner turned down, and DOCX appearing on the bottom, and below the page is the title that I gave to the piece of writing. I have been told that I should put all these new pieces in “Documents.” I leave them on the desktop.

What is really causing me confusion is the iphone. When cell phones appeared, we got cell phones. We flipped them open, punched in a number and talked. There were a few short cuts, which I have now forgotten, but it was simple enough. However, more and more people were getting iphones. And since I had an iMac computer, I was told they could be hooked up to one another. Everything that was on my iMac would be on my iphone. I went to the Apple store here, for $99 I could get instruction on both for a year.

Another area of confusion these days is about the terms Shia and Sunni. I can’t remember who the good guys are, or more accurately, who the less terrorist group is. I have recently developed the device of saying Sunni has an “n” and “n” stands for nasty. Shia sounds like you know what. The terrorists these days are ISIS or ISIL, Al Quada, Hezbolla, Hamas, and ? I can’t remember them any more. Who are in the majority in Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc? I read and forget.

Even the term “term” has become confusing.

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