Funeral Arrangements



Funeral Arrangements


Jacob Schlitt


"It is Friday July 31, 2015, and I thought it would be a good idea to find out about funeral arrangements."















It is Friday July 31, 2015, and I thought it would be a good idea to find out about funeral arrangements. I am not sure, but I do not think we have made any pre-arrangements with Levine’s, but if we had, I learned that they can be transferred.

I called Levine’s, spoke to Bob Nardone (David Decter was out) and learned that the whole package would run about $8000. Removal, refrigeration, preparation, service, register books, handouts, candles, ribbons, prayer books, thank you’s etc. The plain pine box is $895. Everything is negotiable. What he called third party fees: opening the grave, newspaper notices, permits etc would be another $2500.

I then called Brezniak-Rodman 1251 Washington St. Newton 02465, 617-969-0800, and spoke to George Rodman. He said that the whole package would run about $8,500 but when I told him that we plan to use the community Chevre Kadisha, he said the cost would be reduced by $1275. They no longer perform the service in their chapel. They use Wilson Chapel near Hebrew College. Seems he will get our business.

I read a short piece about pre-planning. It said I should Reflect, (What kind of service do I want?); Record, (after reflecting, write it down); Share, ((let your loved ones and your funeral provider know); and Support, (pay—lock in today’s prices). As soon as I finish reflecting: what kind of readings, whom do I want to speak, who should be pallbearers, who should officiate, I will record, but not today. I guess I will also write an obituary. I may also spare everyone the trouble and think of what I would like on the stone.

It occurred to me that I won’t be put in the ground right away. I want Martha and her gang there, and it will take time to get here from Portland. And David may be in Pittsburgh, and Lewis in Silver Spring and Carol in W. Orange. It will give them time to think of something to say. Perhaps Bob will speak for my gang. Of course, ROL will be there. I already said that I would like Moshe Waldoks to officiate. He can mention JLC and WC and NCM, and Yiddish. He can even say a few words in Yiddish.

Relatives: Bobby and his family; Barbara and her family; Roz and her family. I doubt if any of them will make it. Still, we should get the word out. Fran’s family: a few of them are here: Niki etc, and the others are in Rochester, and Dallas. The notice in the Boston Globe might bring out a few folks who may remember me.

Organizations: The ones I would like Moshe to mention—WC, JLC, NCM.

Local friends: Many of them came out for me when DSA honored me. This gives them a second opportunity. Telling Your Story, Values, Vinkl and Book Group colleagues. (This was written on 7-31-15. It is 1-14-16) We now have the Kantors, and a few more from the Brook House Shirley, Sandy. Others are fading away.

A lot depends on whether Fran will predecease me. We still have to get our will straightened out: The Last Will and Testament. Who gets what. All my papers, and books and records and buttons and pictures and photos. I guess that comes under another category.

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